Walnut Coaching | Weight Loss Group Coaching | Weight loss, nutrition and fitness in Helsinki

We at Walnut Coaching help you get in shape through weight loss, habit, nutrition and fitness coaching. We work together with you to make your daily life more active and help you to make better food choices, so that you get the body of your dreams and gain confidence and energy along the way.

As a part of our training, we also offer weight loss coaching for groups. The coaching is in English. Read more below and join our mailing list if you are interested.

Why join?
  • No more soup diets. Learn how to eat in order to lose weight effectively and keep it off
  • Look and feel great in summer clothing. Gain energy and self confidence.
  • Get coaching from a coach who has successfully lost weight herself
  • Group with casual and supportive atmosphere that boosts your motivation
Who is this for?
  • People who are currently overweight (BMI over 25),
  • who would like to lose the extra kilos in a healthy and sustainable way,
  • who have tried dieting before, but always gained the weight back, and
  • who are willing to make lasting changes to their lifestyle.
What does the course contain?
  • The course lasts 10 weeks
  • Weekly meetings. Roughly 90 minutes each.
  • Specific topics for each meeting
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Exercise/activity plan
  • Weigh-ins and measurements
  • Course materials
  • Access to Whatsapp and Facebook groups
When, where, how much?
  • In Helsinki, close to the city center.
  • 5-15 participants per course.
  • The full 2.5 months course is 299 EUR (incl. 24 % VAT). Payment is possible also in installments.
  • Join our mailing list if you are interested and would like to be notified when the next course takes place.
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