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I'm Roxanne. I’d like to help you get in shape, reach your goals and find joy in physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

For most of my life, I was overweight, from early childhood on until well into my 20’s. For years, I started diet attempt after diet attempt, only to give up and gain back any weight I had lost shortly after. Along with the diets, I tried different forms of exercise – 80’s style aerobics, swimming, Scottish dancing, flamenco, tribal fusion belly dance, just to name a few. While I admired athletic people, for the most part, exercise felt like a chore to me. I found it difficult to perform the movements and to keep up with my peers. Thus, every time I started exercising, I soon got frustrated and gave up again.

After graduating from university, I got an office job. Now I spent a big chunk of my day at work and moved even less. At the same time, I had more money to spend than when I was a student, so I treated myself with “better” (that is, bigger and tastier) meals. As a consequence, I gained even more weight. My knees and back started to hurt. I was often sick. I sweat all the time. I was not happy with the way I looked and that clothes didn’t fit me right.

One day, I reached the point where I was completely fed up with it all. It was then that I managed to turn my life around step-by-step. I lost over 30 kg by making small changes to my eating habits and adopting a more active lifestyle, and I’ve kept them off ever since.

What helped me on my journey was keeping the changes manageable, striving to be just a little bit better. It was freeing to me to see that I could lose the weight without having to give up all the foods and activities I loved. Clear, measurable progress also was a huge motivator. I started working out at the gym regularly and took up running. At first, it was hard. But every time I could increase the load at the gym, I felt stronger. Every time I ran a little further, I was proud of myself. Any progress was a success. This inspired me to stick to my new lifestyle and grow even further over time.

I have since become a Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach, so I could help and support others who are struggling with their weight and fitness.

Originally I come from Germany and have been living in Finland since 2016.


My coaching languages are English (fluent) or German (mother tongue). Furthermore, I also speak Spanish (intermediate) and some Finnish (basics/work in progress).


  • Weight loss coaching
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Gym and running training
  • Habit building


  • Trainer4You Personal Trainer
  • Trainer4You Gym Trainer (Kuntosalivalmentaja)
  • Trainer4You Wellness Coach (Hyvinvointivalmentaja)
  • FAF Running Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

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